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kindergarten - eighth grade


Two Friends with a Tablet

Anastasis eLearning

Team Anastasis, click below for all of your eLearning schedules, resources, and links.

Girl Drawing

Anastasis eCurriculum

Has the Covid-19 Crisis impacted your child's learning? Maybe your local school plan isn't working well for your child, maybe your child completes all of their class expectations quickly leaving you feeling like their learning is incomplete. Anastasis eCurriculum is for you! In our kindergarten through 8th grade eCurriclum each week you will receive access to a complete learning schedule, eCurriculum resources and links that will keep your child learning with rich, authentic experiences. Learn more and sign up for a free trial.

Teacher with Tablet

Anastasis Professional Development

This page is exclusively for Anastasis Academy teachers and staff.

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