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Support Anastasis Learners  on #GivingTuesday

Like you, we want learning to be better. More meaningful, more creative, more intentional, more human.  Anastasis Academy is a Colorado school that believes a real education helps kids understand who they are, what they value, how to appreciate others, and how to be a learner who is connected and connective.  Anastasis is a place of exploration, deep thinking, tinkering, creative cultivation, action, and community.  We are always so pleased to partner with those who share our values of character, community, agility, and imagination.

On November 30th, we’re looking for those who want to join us in amplifying this movement of good during Giving Tuesday.  #GivingTuesday is a global giving movement that has been built by individuals, families, organizations, businesses, and communities in all 50 states and in countries around the world. We, as consumers, have two days to get deals – Black Friday and Cyber Monday. #GivingTuesday, is specially-designated for giving back and is a celebration of America’s greatest traditions: generosity, entrepreneurialism, community.

All donations to Anastasis are Tax Deductible through our 501c3 non-profit status. Gifts can be made through Give Lively, check, or Venmo to @AnastasisAcademy.

Your gift to Anastasis makes empowered learning possible! No gift is too small and every dollar makes an impact!

Join us for our annual fundraiser: The Best is Yet to Come Franksgiving FUN-draiser

Tickets now available!


Wondering what a larger gift can do? See the possibilities below.

Anastasis Scholarship Fund:  We believe that every child deserves an education where they are known. By partnering with us you are helping us build independent and creative thinkers with purpose.

Your $10,000  donation provides: 2 student scholarships

Your $20,000  donation provides: 4 student scholarships

Field Trips: power our field trips. Students at Anastasis enjoy an average of a field trip each week. We believe that learning happens best when it is in context. Learning is so much bigger than the walls of our school! Your gift helps pay for transportation and entrance fees.

Your $500 donation provides One field trip for every student in the school.
Your $1,000 donation provides: Five field trips during the school year for one classroom
Your $5,000  donation provides: Transportation for the entire school for an entire school year
Your $10,000 donation provides Every child in grades K-8 the opportunity to experience up to 15 field trips.
Your $20,000  donation provides: A new van for field trip transportation.

Literacy: power our literacy program. We believe that the best way to empower life-long learners is through literacy. By supporting our literacy program you help expand our classroom book-sets and school library. Your gift buys us new books!
Your $500  donation provides: 2 classroom book-sets
Your $1,000  donation provides: 4 classroom book-sets
Your $5,000  donation provides: 250 books for our library!
Your $10,000  donation provides: 500 books to expand our library!

Engineering and Design: power our prototype lab. At Anastasis, part of becoming a critical thinker and creative problem solver is to have access to a space where prototyping can occur. Our prototype lab is full of materials used for building, experimenting, and exploring. Your gift helps us keep our prototype lab well appointed.
Your $500  donation provides: Building tools, building supplies for creating.
Your $1,000  donation provides: Organizational supplies and furniture to make sure all supplies are easy to find.
Your $5,000  donation provides: Overhead projectors for all classrooms, a dedicated computer for each classroom.
Your $10,000  donation provides: 3D printer lab and desktop computers.

Inquiry: power our inquiry units...asking big questions about how the world works.  We believe that the world exists at the intersection of multiple disciplines. Inquiry engages students in research, content learning, development of life-skills, problem-solving, exploration of curiosity, and exhibitions of learning. Your gift helps us purchase books, manipulatives, videos, and other resources that make our inquiry-learning rich!
Your $500  donation provides: Books and manipulatives for one inquiry unit.
Your $1,000  donation provides: Manipulatives and apps that support 2 inquiry units.
Your $5,000  donation provides: A full year of books and manipulatives for all 6 inquiry units.
Your $10,000  donation provides: A full year of books, manipulatives, videos, guest speaker fees, and apps to support inquiry-based learning.

Art Program: power our arts program. At Anastasis, art is so much more than an elective class. We believe that kids should be connected with artists in the community, that they should know that art is more than being good at sketching or singing. Art at Anastasis means bringing kids into the vastness and richness of art in all its forms. Your gift helps us bring in guest artists and pays for materials in a variety of mediums as well as send our students out into the world to experience art outside our walls.
Your $500  donation provides: Classroom art supplies for all k-8 classes.
Your $1,000  donation provides: tickets to see professionals in action! Whether the DCPA, CO Ballet, or Clyfford Still Museum for all Anastasis Students
Your $5,000  donation provides: supplies for a year of art classes for the entire school!
Your $10,000  donation provides: guest artists visits and supplies for a year of art classes for the entire school.

Theater program: power our theater program. At Anastasis, every student is involved in our theater program. Students do everything from costume and set design to stage blocking and choreography. Our theater program empowers students to use their talents  to contribute to an incredible community production. Your gift helps us hire a director and cover screen play costs and set/costume design materials.
Your $500  donation provides: a license and scripts for one play or musical for our school to perform!l
Your $1,000  donation provides: ability to rent microphones and pipe and drape for our performance! 
Your $5,000  donation provides: costumes as well as  a sound and lighting professional for our rehearsals and shows!
Your $10,000  donation provides:  payment for our directors (music, choreography, and stage)!

Science and math:  power our science and math explorations. We believe that science and math are better when they are hands-on and when learning happens in context. Your gift helps us purchase math manipulatives and and other materials needed to outfit our science lab with tools that make experimentation possible.
Your $500  donation provides: dissection lab consumables and supplies.
Your $1,000  donation provides:  Building blocks of science properties of matter kit for two classes.
Your $5,000  donation provides: Robot and circuit sets for exploration of electronics and coding for the entire school.
Your $10,000  donation provides: A complete science lab for Anastasis students.

Mentorship: power our mentorship program. At Anastasis we recognize that identity development and personal growth occur best in the context of community. We foster relationships of trust, caring, and mutual respect among students and adults through our mentorship program. Your gift helps us bring in guest speakers, hold special events, and foster this community through games and outings.
Your $500  donation provides: Funds our community-building Birthday Bash yearly event.
Your $1,000  donation provides: Special mentorship group lunch with teachers.
Your $5,000  donation provides: Supports all of our special community-building events: ice blocking, birthday bash, day of play, Identity Day, Storyline.
Your $20,000  donation provides: a part-time licensed counselor on our team!

Spreading More Good in Education: power our ability to spread best practices in education. We believe that when you find magic, you should share it. Every year Anastasis hosts educators from around the globe (400 last year!) to help them implement the components that make Anastasis such a special place. Your gift supports our 5Sigma education conference where educators from around the United States come for a 3-day deep dive into best practices in innovative education.
Your $500  donation provides: 2 Teacher Scholarships for conference attendance.
Your $1,000  donation provides: Lunch for 70 educators at the 5 Sigma educator conference.
Your $5,000  donation provides: Two keynote speakers.
Your $10,000  donation provides: 100 Scholarships for professional development for public school educators.


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