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kindergarten - eighth grade

100% of Anastasis Graduates get into their High School of Choice.

More importantly, Anastasis students are ready for life outside of school; they leave us prepared to do meaningful work and continue our movement of good, making the world a better place.

A look at the High Schools our students have attended:

  • Valor Christian High School

  • Regis Jesuit High School

  • Front Range Christian School

  • Arapahoe High School

  • ThunderRidge High School

  • Cherry Creek High School

  • Lutheran High School

  • Mountain Vista High School

  • Rock Canyon High School

A look at the Universities our students have attended:

  • Pepperdine

  • Baylor

  • CSU

  • Seattle Pacific

  • University of Oregon

  • Belmont

  • Biola University

  • William Woods University

  • Grand Canyon University

  • Colorado Christian University

  • Adams State University

  • Regis University

DNA of an Anastasis Graduate
DNA of an Anastasis Academy Graduate

Image Cultivators who:

  • Know who and Whose they are. Know their value and identity.

  • Demonstrate compassion, open-mindeness, integrity, respect, and awareness.

  • Are growth and benefit minded.

Purposeful Learners who:

  • Self advocate and take initiative

  • Are reflective

  • Innovate, applying knowledge and skills to new challenges with creative and critical thinking

  • Are inquirers

  • Are connected and connective thinkers

  • Effectively communicate through a variety of mediums

Faith-in-action Practitioners who:

  • Pray with their feet

  • Know that true faith is reflected by actions.

  • Are guided by Biblical principals, consider the needs of others, demonstrate compassion and acceptance, value relationship and collaboration, take initiative to influence positive change.

Tenacious learners who:

  • Know what to do when they don’t know, persevere through obstacles.

  • Keep pushing in.

  • Dare to accomplish difficult things, choose the moon.

DNA of an Anastasis Graduate

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