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kindergarten - eighth grade

Job Opportunities at Anastasis

Welcome! We have openings for the 2023-2024 school year. 

Interested in joining our team? Step 1 is filling out our application here

Anastasis Academy teachers are magnificent individuals who share a collective goal of making the educational landscape better. More meaningful. More creative.

More intentional. More Fun.

Anastasis Teachers partner with us to apprentice children in the art of learning through inquiry, customization of curriculum, and social-emotional/spiritual development. If you are unfamiliar with the Anastasis model of education please begin here:


Essential Job Functions:

  • Guide students in learning by utilizing their Learner Profile to meet their specific learning goals as a level developmentally appropriate for each student

  • Design lesson plans, activities, and classroom space that meets the needs of each student

  • Model life-long learning both academically and spiritually

  • Model curiosity and an inquirer mindset

  • Contribute to a healthy, dynamic community culture

  • Constructively and collaboratively assess students' learning

  • Engage in ongoing communication and collaboration with parents and families

  • Collaboratively develop instructional units and lessons

  • Work with students, parents, and other teachers to create individualized learning plans

  • Plan immersive learning opportunities for students, helping them make connections across disciplines

  • Ability to teach multiple developmental levels

  • Ability to teach a wide range of subjects in context (multidisciplinary)

  • Ability to assess student progress using multiple forms of formative assessment

  • Ability to lead students in engaging discussions

  • Willingness to learn and use the latest pedagogy and technologies for effective learning and communication.

Come see us in action! Our 5Sigma Education Conference is in February. 

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