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Advent writings by Anastasis Jr. High

Team Fink reflections and writings about Advent

Love My eyes open yet I see pitch black, My feet are planted yet my muscles never move. You are holding my hand yet you never let go. I tell you, “run” yet your hand squeezes harder. I am left here in the dark with no hope in sight, You stay with me even if you could take flight. Love pushes every boundary I ever set, Feet planted, eyes blinded, You shield me from death. My eyes do not seek you because your touch is the only thing I’ve ever felt. Love pushes every boundary I ever set. I crave your hopeful touch yet we never met.

Another day another dawn Running from dawn to dusk Is this really the end? Trying to follow the movies’ trend? Lonely another dawn, another day Here I lay, on a stone Our favorite spot everyday The tragedy, for you and me Under the moon I say I will see you another day

“Love is when two people dress up, put on nice clothes, perfume, and smell each other.” “Love is when a boy sees a hot girl, goes to talk to her, but he gets all nervous and sweaty.” “Love is how women bring men to their knees.” “Love is physical relationship.” “Love is an abusive relationship.” “Love is mindless” “I love you mom” That really doesn’t sound right. It’s the same word. Does it mean the same thing? Be genuine. Love is a word that’s used improperly more than any other. It should be a word of deep meaning. Instead it’s a simple description. Christmas time is a holiday about love. The roots of it all. The true meaning. Show that love during Christmas.

Joy I provide you with a pinch of laughter when you are feeling down I give you a smile when all you can do is frown I am not temporary, but I stay in your heart forever I bring community I bind people together You all have me in your heart somewhere… Just dig deeper and you will find me there I am like a fire I thaw your heart and sustain your glow Don’t hide me, but let me show I can be in the dark but light up a room Remember I am not found in what you consume Listen to me, I am not here to annoy Listen to me because I am joy

Here… I am standing here, wondering the worth of my life. I can’t seem to think, my head is a mess and my pants are a little too tight. It’s Christmas Eve, I’m in a store but everything doesn’t just feel that right. One girl, one boy taking things off the racks thinking of it as nothing more than a toy. So let me ask you is this what fills our hearts with joy.

Joy does not simply happen to us, we have to choose joy and keep choosing it everyday. Think of day without smiling, laughing, hoping. Without joy we are numb at our hearts. Our minds would be frozen in time. Marianne Williamson says, ” joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good thing really are.” Joy can come from the simplest moments that you would never think of. Joy is not in things, it is in us.

Peace My hands reach out to yours. But the wall between us is not made of breakable glass, but concrete. The wall has words on it. I see Hate and Fear on the wall. I cannot see you anymore. You have faded away. Gun shots. Sharpened knives. I look right and left but it is never-ending. When I look up, I see an eraser. I touch the wall and it crumbles. I see your hands and I hold them until they leave.

Oh my what is this A wreckage of good bliss? Not knowing if it’s true or not? These people don’t seem like they have been taught Is it my inner corruptedness Or is it God showing me this I see riots on the streets Wondering if we need the navy fleets I ask God what’s going on? Without letting another bomb We don’t know how this started or works But by using peace we can solve the worst

Why are we always afraid of something? Is that what keeps us from having true peace? What if we had no fear? Is that what keeps us from having true peace? I think in order to have peace we have to have fear. We have to be afraid of something to find the peace in the midst of trouble.

Do not be afraid. Do not have fear. This is peace. Solitude to the soul, serenity in the spirit. This is peace. A calm state; a mysterious, wonderful harmony. Meditation of the mind. Love, joy, and hope through all. This is peace. I stand and the world collapses in front of me. Fear settles in the air and battle is about. I fall, scared, but a light covers my soul. The fear in me escapes, battle ends, and peace wraps me in it’s arms. It is finished. Now there is peace.

Peace is the absence of fear. Serenity, meditation. Our world is run by fear. We are always fearing something. But what if we could always be in peace. Fear is the only thing that we know how to do, but let’s bring peace into our world, let’s flip on that switch.

As I stroll through a snowy forest I look around and see snow trickling down onto the cold frosted ground. I listen to a chilly breeze that makes the snow-capped trees sway, and I hear in the breezy wind God whisper to me and say peace be with my child. I walk and hear the crunch of the half-frozen snow beneath my feet. The truly Serene area that we can find in this world of chaos is truly a time of peace and solitude. I listen one more time and hear nothing but a bird chirp in excitement, I look and see a winter wonderland.

Emmanuel My arms cradle him This baby boy will free us from sin He smiles at me so I smile back Why shall a king be born in a shack Lying serenely in a box of hay This baby boy will never stray away I look at my husband in awe I see the star the shepherds saw I give him a hug, a tender embrace Before King Herod and his men start the chase

As I walk through the darkest valley, I see God everywhere. I see you, God, a light filling a room of darkness. I see you, a drop of water within a fire. I open my heart to you and see you everywhere. Emmanuel, Emmanuel, Emmanuel, you are with us in the darkest times.

Do you forget how to pray? How to be with God all day, even when you are distracted by noise, crowd, hurry. Repeat this word. Emmanuel, Emmanuel, Emmanuel. God is with us. Emmanuel is a reminder to the world. That no matter what God is always with us. In time of fear Emmanuel In time of noise Emmanuel In time of crowd Emmanuel In time of hurry Emmanuel. Emmanuel God is with us.

God is with us. He came to save us. He came to free us. Make us new and cleanse us. He wraps us in His tender love. Creates a reason to have joy.  Allows us to have peace and is the reason for hope. Emmanuel. While the world spits evil and doom into our life God brings us light through darkness and whispers, “I am with you.”. The one word that will keep us going. The stronghold and beautiful, incredible Christ. He was, is, and forever will be… Emmanuel. Rejoice he is always with us.

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