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EdVenture Student Reflection

Last week, Team Fink enjoyed a three day experiential EdVenture to Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Forest. Below is a student reflection written by Morgan:

The mountains. The rivers. The woods. All this adventure welcomed us with open arms as we ventured through Estes Park last week. While adventure awakes us, something new struck me. As I hiked along, I took notice of the aspen trees that towered over my head. I remembered something someone once told me. All aspens within an area are connected by one root. I then looked around at the people hiking with me. I realised that in a way, we were all connected by one root. We all have a special connection through our faith in Christ. Throughout the trip I took notice of how everyone in the group played an important role. For the aspens to survive, every tree must play a role in the system. The same was true with our group. Every person played a vital role in making sure we thrived as a whole. It’s easy to get so caught up in ourselves that we forget that other people play big roles in our lives too. This trip taught me that I need to be grateful and take notice of what others do for me. The bible says in 1 John 4:19 that if we “proclaim to love God but don’t love our brothers we do not know the love of God”. This trip taught me to apply this verse to my daily life.

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