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Learning Happens Everywhere #2

The Anastasis Jr. High has been writing and compiling their reflections from the their trip to the Great Sand Dunes, they are too good not to share with everyone!  For the next few days, I’ll be posting all of their reflections.  Enjoy!

|Mrs. Tenkely|

Water Falls:

Zapata falls is one of the most beautiful water falls. After a half mile hike, you end up at a majestic stream. Once you start climbing and exploring the rocks, you soon find the amazing water fall. The water fall is like our faith. You have to explore and climb over all of the struggles, but no matter how challenging it may be, there is always a greater reward.

          -Lexi A

 Even to find the most beautiful masterpiece, you must preserve to ever find the glory. After our hike in the Great Sand Dunes, we ventured another half a mile to find more of Gods creation. By this time, we were all exhausted and most not looking forward to another hike. When we arrived at Zapata Falls, all of the struggle faded and the glory appeared. We all had our certain points that day when we felt we could do no more, and suddenly it was forgotten. Climbing deeper into the waterfall, we met a moment no words can match. Venturing on we could hear the waterfall plunging down into the base. As we climbed out of the cave we could hear the sounds of the falls fading and the smaller drips emerging. Even though the waterfall was fast, it felt calm and peaceful. Outside of the cave you could see the yellow leaves on the ground that made it a perfect setting.The word, indescribable, became real as the glory of God was at our fingertips. I thank God for the opportunity to have this type of experience “in school”.

          -Riley L

As the roaring waterfall repetitively drowns the hard stones, I am humbled. I look up and see only small parts of the blue, cloudless sky. It is covered by gorgeous, changing trees that secure the sweet waterfall. In the clear path of water, I see lifeless, cold leaves moving with the stream. I love this dependable waterfall because it never changes, it is always the same. This trip was helpful to me because I started to appreciate what God has made for us.

          -Madeline P

This trip we had a blast! I got to see God in the waterfall. I saw how he can do anything. Also, I saw him in the sand dunes when he helped me get up to the top. There were times I wanted to give up, but God did not let me. When I got up, I was so proud. I learned that life is as hard as the sand dunes. When I got there, I said this is easy, but it ended up being kind of hard. But when my friend and I got to the top, we were so happy. That is how God works, because you just want to get through the hard times, but it is so hard.

          -Athena O

I had lots of fun on the sand dunes trip but the waterfall was more amazing. It was great. We hiked in and saw this peaceful landscape. The ground was covered in a carpet of yellow aspen leaves and the river was running peacefully and making nice sounds. Wow. Once you walked upstream and climbed the wet and mossy rocks, you saw this amazing 20ft waterfall. It was so beautiful and amazing I can’t put it into words. All I can say is thank you God.

          -JD L

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