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Metanoia 1: journey

metanoia (n) the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self, or way of life

This morning David Smith joined us and shared the story of his own metanoia. Below are responses from Team Fink (Finksters) to our time with David this morning. Thank you David!

I really liked having David here today, he was very inspiring. It made me think that I can do anything with God. David was a drug addict, but when he came to know God, he started a photography business with his wife, and wrote poems, and talked to schools around the country. I really liked how he talked about you are not what other people say you are. You can be whatever you want to be. I really hope David can come and talk to us again this year. Izzy

I appreciated that he was very real. He told his story without hesitation and told it honestly. It’s so cool to hear his story, and his life’s progression from a troubled kid to a fantastic poet and speaker. It really inspired me to believe that no matter how much money, what situation, or bad choices that with God’s love, and faith in him, you can truly do anything and touch many lives. – Katie

David’s talk was touching because we all have a part in our life that gets messed up along the way. There are people in this world who are drop-outs and do drugs, but that does not mean they are bad people. The devil is watching us all the time; he comes to us when we least expect it. God is the only person that can fill our emptiness. I felt like David was trying tell us we all make mistakes and we can fix them. Josh

When David came and spoke about his identity to us I really appreciated it.  It meant a bunch to me when he told us that his identity is a child of God because he was right. He was right because jobs and stuff we have are just in this world and temporary, but God is forever. I want to be like David and be a child of God. Megan

I liked that David was truthful about what he said like he didn’t lie about doing bad things. I liked David because we was nice and very thankful for God and how God worked the future. Also liked listening to his story’s it Inspired me a lot because we sin and then we inspire to teach others about God I liked that he stayed on the right path and it’s kind of like Proverbs. – Mason

I really enjoyed the message because it reminded me of how God can bring us through hard times and use us in ways we never expected he would use us in. I also liked that David talked a lot about preaching with music and writing which are two things I’m very passionate about. Another thing I liked was the talk about identity and how we need to focus on being a child of God and that’s one of the things were currently talking a lot about in school. – Joseph

I really liked how he showed his life to us.  It was inspirational because it is hard to stop doing drugs and start a new life.  It was amazing how he said that Jesus kept him going through his life, Jesus never gave up on him.  His poems were super interesting.  I could have never written anything like that.  What I also liked was he used his gift and made it into an album he is following his legacy.  When he thought his life was pretty much done, Jesus came in and helped him go in the right direction. –McKensie

Thank you so much for your talk. I loved how inspiring you were, the whole thing was amazing. Now I know that I can face my problems a lot easier because of your example. Worrying about school pictures or other stuff seems so unimportant when there are real problems I don’t even know about. It truly inspired me and I’m thankful for you coming to our school. — Jacob

I really liked when you talked about going from a drug addict to a singer and a poet. I thought it was so cool how God used you to preach about your story. If you never did drugs and struggled with it, you wouldn’t have an amazing life story! It made me think, that during the bad times, I know that God still has a plan for me and you in the end. Your story really meant a lot to me. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to tell us your story.  Angelina

I really enjoyed listening to David discussion. In the end of the video it said ” who are you” the first thing I thought about was our inquiry is who are we it’s good to think about people who aren’t in the school are still thinking about “who they are” –Hope

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