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Parental Controls: Android

The Android operating systems is used across multiple devices including mobile and desktop. User Security settings can be accessed from any Android device.

To set up Parental Controls on an Android smartphone:

  1. Open Settings and select Users.

  2. Click on Add User to create a new profile for your child.

  3. Click through the Set Up New User disclaimer and connect to a Wi-Fi network.

  4. Install age-appropriate apps on the new Android home screen. Switch back and forth between user profiles.

To edit parental controls on Play Store

  1. Open the app and select Main Menu

  2. Click Settings and go to Parental Controls

Toggle the Parental Control option on and set content restrictions on apps, games, movies, and music. Set an appropriate age rating to block apps, music, or games that fall outside of this range.

Google offers additional information for setting up the specific areas of parental controls here.

Common Sense Media has a great step-by-step guide for how to use Google's Family Link app.

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