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Reflections from Team Fink Santa Barbara Trip

The field trip our class took to Santa Barbara California was one of the most meaningful and memorable trips I’ve ever been on. Whether it was hanging at the beach and surfing or just riding in the van this is a experience I’ll never forget. It was a trip on which I grew closer with my friends through time communing and grew closer with God through time in his amazing creation and through serving. Serving was also on of the greatest parts of the trip, whether it was working in the garden, talking with homeless people, preparing food, or playing the piano at the different homeless shelters. There’s something about serving and working hard that just feels rewarding, for example after we worked for a few hours in the garden it felt great to turn around a look at what we’d accomplished and that those few hours were well spent. It i fact made surfing after that more enjoyable. I really enjoyed the community time w got to spend with one another, I really thought it helped us get to know each other better and bond closer. I’ll never forget the wonderful time I had in California.

Santa Barbara was a great experience. Not just being able to help the homeless and understanding how lucky we are, but getting closer to nature and my friends. One of my favorite activities we did was surfing. When I first put my wet suit on and got my board I was actually kind of nervous. Then when I got in the water and saw my friends surf with me, all the nerves just went away. Another one of my favorite parts was when we went to the park to play a soccer games with some of the locals. Then after we finished we went to the same park and gave some socks to the homeless and started some conversations. It was so much fun when Angelina and I went over to a group of people and just started a conversation. Then everyone else followed. Also one of my favorite parts was at the end of the day, we would sometimes go back to the church, eat dinner, and play a game. I love the games we played and the people I played with. My favorite part would have to be on our last night when me and all of my class mates all came together and just talked. We laughed, we cried, and yet I feel like we bonded more than ever before. I had a blast in Santa Barbara and I wish I could go back again.

From the glowing stars and moon to the ocean and lush grass, Santa Barbara was one, beautiful city full of so much to see. Going on our surf and serve trip was an amazing experience. Not only did I meet and interact with total strangers, but I met my own classmates in a different lens and now know them even better.  Surfing was one of my favorite things we did on our adventure. I really liked it because I felt peace and was astonished that I could acually do it. I also loved serving because I learn, every time, that just giving a smile can brighten someone’s day. Another reason I like it is because I get to listen to some amazing stories. The hike was also a highlight because I felt free and that I truly was in Gods creation. On the hike I enjoyed talking to my friends and watching Luke get covered with ants. There was moments of pure laughter, yet still some tears were shed. We sang, we danced, we played, we served, but we still got some sleep. Now that I’m home I wish I was still there with all my classmates along with me.

The trip to Santa Barbara I liked it a lot! From getting closer with my classmates to doing all sorts of new stuff like getting out of my comfort zone to boogie board, surf, and hike to helping at homeless shelters and painting over graffiti. I loved just hanging out. My favorite part was surfing and meeting Augie at the homeless swap meet. On the hike, it was just beautiful to see everything.

My experience at California was unforgettable; I had loads of  fun as well as accidentally learning something that I would not have if  I had not gone.  I remember arriving at the airport, having just woke up at 4:45, not being in the best mood. However, something changed as the warm mud room of  DIA engulfed me in its recognizable and nostalgic scent. A stranger feeling that had entered me and never left until the fourth day. It was an old friend that I had always known and come across but never named. Change. Some love it, some find it uncomfortable, and some need it. It was change; the one thing that made my typical days turn into memories. I’m no world-renown daredevil or completely ungrudging to try something I know little about. So the thought of  this trip to go near the Pacific Ocean and surf  and get wet and sandy was nothing but unsettling to me. Even as luggage, seats, and the whole plane trip had been dealt with, I was still reluctant to leave. Little did I know, this trip would be the very best outing I’ve ever been on with any school. Although I learned a variety of  things, one was definitely to do things I don’t want to more freely. To accept change. “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” -George Bernard Shaw

Surf and serve in Santa Barbara was a life changing experience. The first day when we got into LAX, I already felt super happy and ready for the day ahead. The van ride to the church was extremely fun, and I had some great conversations and loved guessing state capitals. In-n-out burger was delicious, and I loved riding skateboards in the parking lot. By the time we got to the church, I knew it was going to be great because the church was so nice and the view was amazing. After we got settled in I was indefinitely excited to just do whatever we were going to do. When the beach was mentioned I was so pumped. The bike ride to the boardwalk was undoubtedly pretty and peaceful. Seeing the seal and pelican was crazy exiting. After dinner that night, we played charades. I had almost to much fun trying to guess what the people were doing and acting out things. I was vaguely excited for the next day I could barely fall asleep. We woke up bright and early the next day and breakfast was amazing. I was excited for that day and it was amazing. I loved working at the garden and seeing the snails and lizards. I adored  giving the tree a haircut and dumping all the weeds in the trash. After the work was done the garden looked amazing and I felt so good about how it looked. We went back to the church to get ready to surf! When we got to the beach I was extremely scared the wetsuit wasn’t going to keep me warm, but it did! I was pretty confused at first, watching everyone, but when I finally got it, I stood up on my first wave! I was so pumped and I loved it because it felt like skateboarding on water. I caught a couple more waves, and we found sea cucumbers! Surfing was just such a good experience. The homeless shelter that we went to that night was really cool. Serving them and talking to them about Colorado was awesome. The church service was powerfully cool. That night was fun and dinner was astonishingly yummy. The third day was full of serving. (Which I don’t mind) I enjoyed doing food prep at casa Esperanza and talking to that lady. She was so nice and I loved talking to her. She had pictures of her women of achievement. She talked to me about how you can print picture and I thought I was so cute how she was talking about that. Afterwards we went to play soccer with the other kids. I’m not a big fan of playing sports, but I played and then sat out for squirrel ball. I loved giving out socks and meeting that guys and his friends with the cool bike and riding it around. He was so nice and the other guys were really nice too. The last day was very sad because we had to clean up and get packed up for our plane ride home. I did have loads of fun at the beach we went to though, even though I skinned my knee again and cut my foot, I still had a great time just resting and playing in the sand. The van ride to the airport was fun! I loved making jokes about football teams and joking around with what we were going to name our kids. The pier we stopped at was so beautiful and so fun, yet so peaceful! Plus, those ice cream sandwiches were amazing. I was sad to come home, and I think that’s a good thing because that means I had fun.

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