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Students Serving Denver: Student Reflections

Yesterday we went delivering meals to people who can’t get out of their homes or who need the help. We went to ten homes. My favorite one was a guy who had a puppy. It was an American Bulldog.

I had a few connections. It reminded me of Juárez. They are also happy which made me happy. We went to a cool grocery option called the Grow Haus. It was also a greenhouse. We had a lot of fun serving. It was a good experience.


Yesterday we delivered meals on the wheels. It was great! The people I gave the meals to where Hispanic. One person named Rosa was not even the one getting the meals, she was the neighbor. When I saw the the lady with a bent back I knew what I was doing was the right thing. When we went in the only fresh food store it was cool that this community was teaching how to cook fresh food. That trip was a great experience to learn about different communities.


I learned while serving at Meals on Wheels that some people live in small houses and they actually know their neighbors well.  I thought it was cool we could be a part of helping people who can’t get out of their house so we deliver food to them.

We also got to go to the Grow Haus and see where they shop because there is no grocery store. The Grow Haus grows all of the food there and bakes all the bread. We went to 10 houses and we met the people and we went in the houses. you would think the houses would be dirty, but they were not. They were clean and bigger than you would think.

I am helping other people and that is what you should do. The people are nice, but some people think of them as dirty people who have no money. I would go on this field trip every day and I would not get bored.


I think Meals On Wheels was an awesome place to go! I enjoyed it because you got to do what the Lord wanted you to do, SERVE! It made me think I want to be a missionary when I grow up because I love seeing their smiles on their faces and knowing how their lives been and some of their stories. They are so so sweet and nice and serving them felt great! I loved seeing where they grow their foods and also I loved learning how all the cycles go into place.

Yesterday, we helped with a service called Meals on Wheels, and we delivered meals to people who can’t always go out to get them or are handicapped.

When we where delivering them, I thought their houses were a lot different than our houses. When comparing them, their houses were a little run down and had a lot of things all over.

The people inside the houses you may think were mean, but when you talk to them, they are really really really sweet and nice.

It was also super super super nice because one of the ladies got the food for her neighbors.


Yesterday we delivered food to people’s houses through an organization called Meals On Wheels. We went to people who didn’t have a grocery store near them, so it’s hard to get food. The houses were little. Some of them were pretty nice.

Most people were very grateful for what they got. I was surprised about how nice they all were. Since there was no grocery store near them they had a place called the Grow Haus. The Grow Haus is a place where they grow food in a huge green house, then they sell it very cheep. Everybody there was so nice. They also teach the people how to cook the food into yummy meals. After that we went to a few more houses and then we went back to school.

This experience made me feel happy and good about myself. Mrs. Gibson also came that same day. She talked about her experiences with homeless people. One of the homeless people that was apart of her life was named Felicia. Although she was a drug addict, Mrs. Gibson still loved her. Felicia was so open to Mrs. Gibson and was willing to share her story. Felicia was like the people we met at meals on wheels. They were so open to share with us there story’s. They just invited us right into there house. Even though some of them are dirty houses. They didn’t care. I think the point of this was to try to open to more people in lower positions than us. They all have story’s and there all people.


Yesterday we helped serve meals on wheels. Meals on wheels is a program that helps the people that can’t get food on their own. My teacher was driving the school van with all my class mates in the van. We served to the people one hot meal and a sack lunch with milk. We went to ten homes. One guy that really stood out to me was well I did not know his name but he had a American Bulldog puppy and if you don’t know me that well I love animals, back to the little pup she had one blue eye and one brown eye and her name was blue because of her one blue eye. But something with Blue’s story really stood out to me, her mom and dad lived across from the owner of blue, Blue and her owner looked like they really cared about each other. The neighbors seemed like they were a family and they were not scared to let someone in there house.


On Monday we went to go to deliver food to people who can’t really get out of there house. I connected to this because we served.  I kind of made me a little nervous because I’ve never seen these people before and been to that area.

We delivered to lots of people and got to have very short conversations we stopped by this place called the grow haus.  They grow so much stuff there like tomatoes potatoes and had aquaponics to.

My class delivered to two houses. We delivered to ten houses.  We came back and ate these floweres we got from the grow haus.  We tried them and it was SO SPICY!!!!  My friend Samantha spit it out and drank lots of water.

We had a surprise guest who came it was my friend Charliegh’s mom.  She talked to us about these homeless people she met. the first one was her in California she was jogging on the beach and saw thins homeless lady she pretended to stop and tie her shoe and stretch.  She said hello but there was no response. she said hello again there was no response.  So she came back the next day and walked up to her this time Mrs Gibson said hello she said hello back.  They had a big conversation. Mrs Gibson walked back to her apartment. she came back the next day she was gone. Mrs Gibson ran to the police station and said have you seen this woman.  Do you know her last name. she said no we can’t track her down.  Mrs Gibson never saw her again.


Anastasis Academy

Anastasis Academy

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