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Summer Bucket List: Stargaze

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Is there anything more awe-inspiring than sitting under a canopy of stars?

Tonight's bucket list agenda: Grab a blanket or two and head out to the backyard!

Light pollution got you down? Here are some of the best stargazing spots in Colorado:

Great Sand Dunes National Park (Just ask your kids who have been on the Sand Dunes Anastasis edventure!)

The night sky unplugged is pretty spectacular but if your curiosity is peaked, why not download an astronomy app and learn about the night sky together? Here are some of our favorites:

Sky View (iOS/Android)

Night Sky (iOS)

Sky Safari (iOS/Android)

Pocket Universe (iOS)

Sky Wiki (Android)

Star Rover (iOS/Android)

Cosmic Watch (iOS/Android)

Sky Map (Android)

Star Walk 2 (iOS/Android)

Go Sky Watch Planetarium (iOS)

Where are your favorite spots to stargaze? Comment below!

Need more ideas for summer fun? Download our Colorado Kids Summer Bucket List!

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