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Toasting the Arts…and YOU are invited!

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” – Edgar Degas

Dear Colorado Friends…

I was lucky to grow up in a home where I was taught how to “see.” My parents are artists in their own right, my dad most often did his art in the form of woodwork or writing, my mom through cooking or sewing or gardening. Because they saw this art, they were quick to help reveal it for my little brother and me. While wandering through a castle in England, my mom, brother, and I were exclaiming over the incredibly intricate tapestries on the walls and painted ceilings. We couldn’t get over these amazing tapestries that told stories and had been created, without technology, by hand. And the painted ceilings with gold leaf inlaid…truly breathtaking! As we were talking about each piece around us and pointing out the specifics that we all saw, my dad kept saying, “but you guys LOOK at the floor!!” The floor was hardwood. It was hand scraped, hundreds and hundreds of years old and completely awesome. In this room packed full of creative thought, my dad had honed in on the woodwork. “Can you imagine how they managed to cut these trees down and keep this board, this long completely intact? WITHOUT machinery! Look at the dovetail joints! I mean you guys, LOOK at the floor!!” We all in turn told my dad to look up and see the rest of the room and the specifics of what we saw but, undeterred, he again said, “but LOOK at the floor!” This has become a joke in our house, “Look at the floor,” but in a lot of ways, in that moment, my dad was helping us see. He was revealing the art that he saw and in that instant giving us a glimpse into the way he thinks about and approaches the world.

This is what we want for Anastasis students, an exposure to art in all of it’s forms. We want to give our students the opportunity to “see” as someone else sees. This is what makes the Anastasis Arts Program so unique. It isn’t a quick introduction to some artistic principles, as so many arts programs are. This is a collection of opportunities to “see” the world through the eyes of artists. This is an invitation to see the world from new vantage points. The Anastasis Arts Program seeks to introduce students to a variety of arts, artists, and mediums. To notice the world around them through a new lens. To help them recognize that we are all artists. To realize that art is your being, not just a drawing or creation. That we are all artists. To appreciate the bravery, insight, creativity, and boldness that it takes to be an artist. That artists live the journey and follow curiosity, much in the way Anastasis students do every day through inquiry.

We are SO excited to kick off our new art program with the Toasting the Arts Fundraiser evening including hors d’oeuvers, drinks, and a silent auction. Not only will this be a fun night with friends, this is the first opportunity to raise the funds to make such an endeavor possible. We’ve got a Facebook event here  (please invite all of your family and friends to attend as well!), we’ve got snail-mail invites (please let us know if you’d like a few of these invites to give out to friends/neighbors), and we’ve got an email invite (easy-peasy, just copy and paste the message below to send your own email invite…or forward on this email!).

Email invite: Toasting the Arts

Please join us the evening of Saturday, September 12th at 7pm for hors d’oeuvres, drinks and a silent auction.

In lieu of purchasing tickets to the event, we ask that you consider making a monetary donation to the Anastasis Arts Program. Suggested donation range is $25-$500. Please give as you are comfortable.

Please RSVP by adding a comment to the bottom of this page: with your name and number attending.

We kindly ask that you keep this an “adults only” event and make other arrangements for your children for the evening.

If you are unable to attend please consider donating to our schools’ new program via the link above. Thank you! Location: Anastasis Family and Friends Welcome!, 375 Shadycroft Drive Littleton Colorado 80120

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