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We are Anastasis

Anastasis Academy is not your everyday private school. We promote freedom and inquiry, and we strive to be creative and innovative through technology. Self-expression is a key factor at Anastasis, and we crave to keep imagination alive. This school is unique and fun, and we have a strong sense of community. This is not a school that is obsessed with labels, so there isn’t a significant border between, say, the eighth and the second grades. Our school is built on holistic learning, which means we are learning as a whole. It also means that we are being developed not only educationally, but personally. Before I came here, I was failing out of school and felt like I was at a breaking point, especially the year that my father died. It was an act of sheer serendipity that I found myself here. I had no self-confidence, and I just felt like I was completely incompetent. Anastasis has built up my confidence so much, and I am genuinely happy and comfortable at this school. I revel daily in the sheer majesty of this school. We are also objective and look at things from different angles before judging. We are free to learn at our own paces, and questions are always welcomed. Anastasis taught me to love learning and always strive to ask good questions. Our belief is that we should not focus so much on the right answer, but on the journey to find the answer. Learning both inside and outside of our classrooms are what nurture our minds and keep them always longing to know more. As you can tell, Anastasis Academy is unique in terms of education. We are creative; innovative; Anastasis.

By 8th grade student, Emma P.

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