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We are Anastasis (Student Post)

Anastasis is a school based on technology, freedom, faith, community, and self-expression. Within Anastasis, we get to learn how to be ourselves in a world that wants us to conform.  We have fun when we work. When we have a question, we learn to dig deeper into it and not only find the answer, but find other questions. We base our education on experience. We believe that the best way to learn is out in the real world, because that’s where all of our learning will eventually come into play. I love the freedom that Anastasis enables us to have. The idea of holistic learning plays a huge role in Anastasis Academy, because we take our learning to places other than just math, reading, and science. We learn all about Christian studies, real-life experiences, and how to love others. I love Anastasis Academy because it gave me the courage to shoot for the stars.

I am creative. I am innovative. I am Anastasis.

By 8th Grade Student: Abbey W

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