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kindergarten - eighth grade


At Anastasis, we have a LIVING curriculum model that empowers students as learners through inquiry. Rich, meaningful learning experiences.

Inquiry engages students in research, content learning, development of life skills, experiential field studies, and meaningful outcomes.

Learning is a continuous process of increasing depth and breadth.

Student work culminates in products.

The emphasis of learning at Anastasis is on critical and in-depth thinking skills. Our inquiry-based approach allows for immersive learning in topics of interest while encouraging applied learning.

Academic disciplines are introduced in meaningful contexts through thoughtful exploration, investigation, and playful discovery. Inquiry allows students to discover the connections between concepts and ideas. Learning excursions, projects, and learning experiences are designed to draw on individual student learning styles and strengths, and group collaboration while reinforcing subject matter understanding.


Through inquiry, weekly field trips, and learning excursions Anastasis students become curious, motivated, self-reflective learners who deepen understanding, research, and critical thinking at that intersection.

Forms of Inquiry at Anastasis:

Confirmation Inquiry:
Students are provided with a question along with a method.  The students already know the answer to the question.  The goal is to encourage them to confirm the answer.  Confirmation Inquiry allows students to sharpen their investigative skills and affirm ideas that are already established.

Structured Inquiry:
Students are provided the question and method to arrive at an answer.  Structured Inquiry allows students to explain what they have discovered through the investigative process.

Guided Inquiry:
Students are provided a question, and they learn to develop the investigative approach so that they can test the question itself.  There is less structure supplied in Guided Inquiry than other forms of inquiry.

Open Inquiry:
Students develop their own questions, determine the best investigative method, and carry out the inquiry itself.  Once they have completed the process they then present their results.


Anastasis’ primary grade students experience the power of inquiry as they explore the world through questions. In these critical first years, our teachers help learners construct a developmentally appropriate and academically solid foundation. Our personalized educational model helps students develop a deep yearning for learning and discovery.

Anastasis learning is designed to be immersive, authentic, realistic and connected for each child. In addition to rich inquiry units, students begin to understand that learning happens everywhere. Field trips, guest speakers, and multi-age learning experiences permeate each block.

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