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Christian  Reggio Emilia Microschool

kindergarten - eighth grade

We are...


Our Mission is to apprentice children in authentic learning through challenging inquiry, creativity, and critical thinking within a supportive community. We shape the development of the whole child, mind, body, and spirit while inspiring each to personal excellence.

At Anastasis, students are active participants, designers, and evaluators of their learning.

Who We Are



At Anastasis we believe that we have a moral imperative to make learning and school meaningfully better for all kids by honoring the unique identity of each of them. We have a legacy of empowering kids to be advocates of their learning.

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Our ambition is to help kids live abundant, unforgettable, honest, meaningful stories—one clearly defined faith, hope, and love and bookended by redemption. 

We believe in the idea that when you pray, move your feet. 

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Learning isn't linear; it's living and connected. The Anastasis inquiry-based approach to learning emphasizes deep understanding of skills and concepts. Through inquiry, our students become curious, motivated, self-reflective learners who do meaningful and beautiful work.

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Our students are trusted and challenged in a close community of learners. Relationships are an essential dynamic of learning at Anastasis. Students learn that they are unique, capable, and that they play an essential part in their community and the world.

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Experiential learning is fully immersive. It is active and authentic. Anastasis students take an active role in their learning: going to new places, connecting with friends, and experiencing a sense of wonder as they explore the world through a living curriculum.

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The future of learning is now. We commit to be always learning, always growing, always evolving and innovating to meet the needs of our ever-changing student body. We are setting out to change the world one empowered student at a time.

20 questions Every Parent should ask_Page_1.jpg


20 Questions to ask and answer as you tour a school. 

Begin with the questions. Some of the questions you’ll be able to answer by exploring the school’s website, others will be best answered in-person as you tour.  


"This year I learned a lot about math, science, reading, and writing, but that's not what stood out to me the most. The lessons I learned about life and the world will stick with me. One thing I learned a lot about is following learning with action. We learned quite a bit about many, many issues this year. Learning about them is only the first step. Action is the crucial one."

-Megan, student

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