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2018 Family Advent Calendar

There's something magic and special about the days that lead up to Christmas. The lights, the music, the decorations everywhere you turn, the anticipation. When you're a child, the wait can feel endless.

As a child, December 1st marked the day when my mom would take out the advent calendar. This was especially exciting for the first week...each day an Andes mint chocolate was there to greet us. We loved the daily treat, but as time went on the surprise had worn off and it became routine. With the barrage of sweet treats that come this time of year, a daily chocolate held little magic by mid-December.

Perhaps this year's advent calendar count down could be about more. A countdown that encourages time spent with family, time serving others, time spreading kindness. Time remembering and celebrating what this season is really about. Download our 2018 Family Advent Calendar and countdown with a daily suggestion for spreading more good.

Today's the perfect day to start spreading some Christmas kindness!

Happy Christmas!

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