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Christmas Tree Auction and Gatsby Style Holiday Gala

Anastasis Academy is excited to be participating in the 1st Annual Denver Christmas Tree Auction.  This is an event that you won’t want to miss!


Presented by Anastasis Academy, in partnership with a handful of other local non-profits including Impact EDventures and Hope Haven Rwanda (both near and dear to our hearts), our 1st Annual Denver Christmas Tree Auction is a must-attend event on Denver’s Winter Calendar.

Where: Artwork Network, near Santa Fe and 9th in Downtown Denver When: December 8th from 7pm until Midnight  (Adults only) What: A Gatsby-style holiday gala reminiscent of the 1920′s full of tasty local cuisine, plenty of drinks, swing music, dancing, mingling, silent auction items, and capped with a live auction of brilliantly decorated, live Christmas trees just in time for the holiday season. Without giving too much away, you should know that Anastasis Academy’s tree is pretty EPIC and fun!

Buy tickets for the event from Impact here:  Tickets and Registration

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