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Comfort as a Result of Destruction

As you know, we do things a bit different at Anastasis Academy. For years, I have listened to people say Revelation is too complex, loaded and graphic for children.  While I wouldn’t completely disagree, I have always believed God’s Word is capable of changing us, all of us, regardless of our age. So we decided to read through Revelation together at school.

The students listened intently each morning in devotion as we worked our way through the pages of John’s Revelation. We discussed metaphors, characters, details, the literary genius and our view of God grew with each chapter. Often I was taken back by the insight and wisdom of our students. God’s Word was working in their minds and hearts.

One of my favorite passages in all of Scripture is Revelation 19.  The description of Christ and the details of the event sends chills down my spine each time I read it. The historical struggle between Truth and disobedience come to a stand off. God is done with the destruction of wickedness and it’s influence on his Creation. We read this passage on the last day of school during our devotion time.

As I read the verses, we allowed the story to paint a picture for us.  The attendants of heaven, all dressed in white, stand along side the Rider on the white horse who has come to make war against the evil rulers of the earth. In a moment, a sword comes out of the mouth of the Rider and destroys the wicked rulers of the earth.  In the details, birds are invited to come and gorge themselves on the flesh of the dead.

This was heavy for us. Even amid our highly uncensored culture, the details of this Revelation are hard to wrap our heads around. I asked the students what they thought of the passage. With solemn faces, some mentioned the sadness, some taked about the realities of war, some even mentioned the blood shed.

“Kaylee, what do you think” I said.

“Well, I think it’s comforting. The Jesus that destroys the evil rulers is the Jesus we all serve. It’s comforting to know he is in control.”

Wisdom comes from God, it shows up in young and old alike.  It’s true, there is comfort in knowing that with a word, the Rider is able to destroy evil and it’s power.  Even the army of heaven, all dressed in white, was not needed. The story gives no indication of them even moving from their position.  With a word, it’s finished and birds come to fill their bellies with the flesh of the once powerful, evil rulers.

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