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Luggage or Baggage?


When I was in school, if we were really good and finished our worksheets, we got to go to the library and play on the computer.  We shuffled through the floppy disks in the plastic container with the clear, flip top knowing exactly what we were looking for.  Come to think of it, the reward of playing The Oregon Trail was one of the few things that motivated me in grade school.

We would play for as long as they would let us, giving up recess to watch the wagon wheels roll and have another shot at some random animal racing across the screen.  The day we found out we could save our game was one of the highlights of my 5th grade year.

Before we learned to save the game, we would start at the beginning every time purchasing provisions, parts and protection.  You could choose to be a banker with lots of money but your health went quick because you were not up for the challenge.  We picked farmer most of the time.  They seemed to last longer.  At a young age, we learned that you couldn’t take everything with you.  Some items were too heavy to put together with others.  We chose what to take with us and away we went on a new adventure, every time.

At Anastasis, we find ourselves in a similar spot.  Not necessarily preparing our wagons, buying oxen and trying to decide what ration of food to put the family on.  But, we are headed out on a journey.  The success will be in the follow through and we can only take so much with us.

What can we leave behind?

Is this the perfect time to let go of some things that could be weighing us down?

Do we need to make room for new possibilities and blessings?

I have plenty to leave behind.  I’m thankful for God’s Spirit that leads me to look inside and do some leaving behind.  My pains, fears, insecurities, they can’t stay.  Things others have done to me, things I have done to others, all take up space.  Idols I’ve gathered along the way, dreams that were mine and not God’s, yup, they all require precious effort to lug along.

To who could you confess?  Who deserves your mercy and grace?  What habits are hinderances?  Will you slow down the group with your junk?

I’m looking forward to leaving these all behind.  When I do, I’ll have room for courage, hope, faith, a desire for justice, humility and joy.

Good trade if you ask me.  Only thing we need now is a wagon and some oxen to carry the blessings we’ll find along the way.

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